This is not the title of these new bookbindings, it is the occasion for what the bookbinding was done.

The client asked the collaboration of another craftwoman to prepare these gifts. The other craftwoman made the wooden boxes, and I made the bookbindings following the same inspiration.

We had worked together before, and this time we had plenty of time to meet the deadline, but in the end the time was not so long, and one of the boxes gave me a little problem when I had to think about what kind of bookbinding could work right with the box.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first one was easy. It was a bee, a happy bee on a green surface. I needed only to replicate the drawing looking for the colours that matched the box best.

Working with a small set of mosaics, and a good combination of colours and the result is as you can see in the photograph.

The second one was different. ItOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA was just a classic box, with two colours only, white and black, and a work to make it look like an old wooden box.

The cover had to be the same in that case, that is to say, it had only two colours and an appearance of being old that is not easy to create in a bookbinding if you are not going to use wooden or leather covers. The order was for two fabric bookbindings painted by hand.

This last was a real challenge for me, and a good opportunity to try other kinds of paints looking for the best texture. I had to use the kind of painting that I never had used before, and I was very happy with the experience and outcome.

The result delighted me and satisfied the customer.


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