download (2) My reaction to the first pages was: My…, a Self-help book! But, What was I thinking about to take one of these books?

Finally, It was a good decision. It is not exactly a self-help book even if it has a lot of advice about happiness, motivation, creativity, and so on. It is more a “destruction book” of all those mind myths and cliches that make people think that there are magic formulas for a better life.

This is a book full of logic and useful ways to carry on with your prospect for the future: making an effort. All those things that don’t require to go inside people’s minds to try to discover what they are hiding from us.

Most people have problems with too much dreaming instead of acting, or what is called procrastination.

Also, there are a lot of too noticeable things. But again, it’s worth reading it because it remindss us how simple at the end our lives can be, and how much we understand, but for whatever reason we forget so easily.

“… those who do not feel in control of their lives are less successful, and less psychologically and physically healthy, than those who do feel in control”.

“… happiness doesn’t just flow from success, it actually causes it”.

“Thanks to our capacity to adapt to ever greater fame and fortune, yesterday’s luxuries can soon become today’s necessities and tomorrow’s relics.”

“As the old cliché goes, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

“… in the vast majority of the experiments, the participants working on their own produced a higher quantity and quality of ideas than those working in groups.” The reason: a phenomenon known as “social loafing”.

“Science evidence, if any were needed, that your dog is better for your health than your husband of wife.” I like specially this one.

“Being in a group exaggerates people’s opinions, causing them to make a more extreme decision that they would on their own.”

“Irrational thinking occurs when people try to reach decisions in groups, and this can lead to polarization of opinions and highly biased assessment of a situation” The danger of a mass “thinking” together.

Rdownload (3)ichard Wiseman holds Britain’s only professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology, at the University of Hertfordshire. His research into a range of topics – including luck, self-help, deception and persuasion – has been published in the world’s leading academic journals, while his psychology-based YouTube videos have been viewed over 150 million times. He is the author of several books that have been translated into over thirty languages, including The Luck Factor, Quirkology, Rip It Up and the international bestseller 59 seconds.


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