FORTY DAYS AT KAMAS by Preston Fleming

In a near future, a Unionist Par10794235ty is ruling the US. They have changed the rules in the Country completely. Everyone is a suspect of betrayal, mostly culture, and wealthy people.

Paul Wagner was going to leave the country with his family when he was arrested, and send to a labor camp in Utah.

He will hardly survive in there the five years sentence, but at least, he can feel good knowing that his wife and daughters are saved in the UK with their Grandparents.

The plot of this story is an extensive use one, but the point of view is different. Fascism or communism, it doesn’t matter. Any dictatorial government ends up treating its citizens as meat.

Power always find it way, and it reasons.

But, survival and friendship grew up in the more difficult situations, and in this story, you can be witnesses of the worst and the best of humankind.

One of the most interesting things in this book is the introduction to each chapter: a quote of some of those Dictators that we had and still have in this world. The perfect way to understand better the chapter and to be prepared.

PrestonPreston Fleming Fleming was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He left home at age fourteen to accept a scholarship at a New England boarding school and went on to a liberal arts college in the Midwest. After earning an MBA, he managed a non-profit organization in New York before joining the U.S. Foreign Service and serving in U.S. Embassies around the Middle East for nearly a decade. Later he studied at an Ivy League law school and since then pursued a career in law and business. He has written four novels.


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