BE WITH YOU by Takuji Ichikawadownload (2)

Takkun and Yuji have been living alone for a year, after Mio, wife and mother died. But as she promised, “When the rainy season returns, I will come back to see how the two of you are getting along.”

And she did so.

The ghost of Mio returns to take care of them

Love’s stories are completely different in Japanese literature. Their stories are full of memories, shared moments, delicacies. Their loves stories are more as art’s books about human feelings than romance.

I enjoyed the explanation of Mio’s returns mainly.

THE MAN WHO FORGOT HIS WIFE by John O’Farrelldownload (3)

Vaughan forgot his life on a 22nd of October. Every person, every place, his name all has been erased from his memory. Even his wife and children.

His disease is called retrogade amnesia, but is called second chance as well.

It is a funny story, and full of push-up. It must be horrible to lost your past, but Who wouldn’t like it to have a second chance with life.

download (4)THE LONG WALK by Stephen King

In the US where The Change and The Squads, have made life even more challenging for their citizens. The Mayor, who rules the country, organizes every year a competition for those young men that are not yet eighteen years old. One hundred of young men are chosen between all of those who wants to participate, but only one of them can win.

The prize, money and whatever thing the winner will desire. But, for the winner achieving his goal, will mean that the other 99 participants will die.

King wrote this book as Richard Bachman. I didn’t find any similarities between his horror stories and this dystopian story at all.

Sad, and make you think, Why most of the dystopian stories go through the destruction of the youngest, through some stupid competition for keeping their lives?


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